How to Measure

Quotes are measured in Square Meters (Sqm)

Square meters are measured by Length (L) x Width (W) = Square Meters (Sqm)


Concrete Areas are not always square, so it is best to break the area up into smaller rectangular areas and then take the average widths. Here are a couple of examples. If you're still unsure about your measurements, you can call us on 0418 388 681 and we will arrange a free onsite measure and quote.

Calculate square area
X: 5m length x 3m width = 15 sqm
Y: 1.5m x 1.5m = 2.25 sqm
Z: 1.5m x 3m = 4.5

Square metres
X+Y+Z = 21.75 sqm

Calculate curved area
X: 5m length x 4.5 (average width) = 22.5 sqm
Y: 1.5m x 3m = 4.5 sqm

Square metres
X+Y = 27 sqm